COVID-19....the true wedding crasher of 2020! We are here to below.


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COVID-19...The Ultimate Wedding Crasher

There is no doubt that there is an amount of uncertainty in trying to plan a wedding right now.  Questions surface such as....Will we be able to have it still?  What if we have to change our dates?  Well Invitations Etc. wishes to assure you of a few things while the COVID-19 crisis makes its mark on our lives.  All orders placed require a deposit of half of whatever your ensemble total is.  However, you do not lose this deposit until you tell us to "print" your order and trust me we will all be on the same page at that point because we are here to guide you so you do NOT have to worry about a reprint.  We need 2-3 weeks turnaround to print any invitation order.  Your RSVP date should be 4 weeks prior to your event date, you should mail out your invitations 8-10 weeks before your wedding.  That being said, we can put your order on hold indefinitely if we need to should you abruptly change your date before sending to print.  You will not lose your deposit.  The only time you would lose your deposit is when you tell us to print because once the order is sent into production by your request we are all moving forward.  Don't fret, we are able to help you figure out just the right course of action based on your wedding date.  So set an appointment with confidence knowing that Invitations Etc. will walk you through the entire process comfortably.  We are deemed essential so get together with us in our clean and healthy environment with proper social distancing in place and let's bring some much needed HAPPY into your lives right now.  If you have more concerns/questions just mention them in the appointment scheduler below. 


Invitations Etc. has been producing unique and fluid wedding invitation designs for over 14 years.  We offer our services for Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, Thank You's and day of wedding needs such as programs, place cards, signage, etc.  Whatever your style needs are whether it is elegant, regal, simple, trendy....we do it all.  Steve is your lead designer and he is ready to help!


We utilize the best presses and printers in the business and offer options such as foil, thermography, letterpress, embossing, and more.  Quality products at an affordable price with an average turnaround of 2-3 weeks for wedding invitations.  We have a print option for EVERY budget and we keep cost in mind when working with you!  Just read our reviews below, we know what makes you happy!


Invitations Etc. is owned by Steve & Michele and is not a chain.  We offer a fun, relaxing, and unique environment for you to join us in the quest of finding that perfect design and look for your wedding invitations.  We are by appointment only to provide you with THE most attentive service and to keep your time with us all about you!  When setting your appointment please be aware that Steve books extremely fast from January to June and only on rare occasions can he book you the same week that you submit your appointment but it can happen!  It is vital that you give as many available days/times as you can so that he can get you in on the first opening that matches your schedule.

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