We are sure you have a lot of questions.
This might be your first wedding or event
and you are not sure where to start.
Below you will get an idea how we operate.

But if you have more questions after reading the FAQ,
do not hesitate to send us an email.

Invitation FAQ

1.) What are your studio hours? I want to just walk-in and browse.
We are by appointment at Invitations Etc.
This allows us to give you our full attention and it also keeps the environment under
control for your comfort. Basically our studio is all yours when we set an appointment with you.
Almost everyone deals with Steve, and well, we only have one Steve so setup a time to meet him!

2.) I don't want to be sold the most expensive invitation. I am on a budget.
No problem, we don't want to offer you what you do not want. You pick the styles and options you like,
knowing the costs up front before you ever place an order.
Most times we email the detailed quotes to you and allow you both to consider your options
on your own time. This keeps things low pressure for you. We have something for everyone.

3.) What is the turn around time on invitations?
For wedding invitations, usually 2-3 weeks. However this is not to say we cannot rush an order.

For all other invitation orders, it depends on the quantity you need, the look you want, etc.
but we do most other items "in house" so that we can keep your costs down and turn things around quicker.
Usually in a week.

4.) How do I know that you are any good?
Well we have now been doing this for over 10 years. Steve is the lead designer
and has over 20 years in graphic design background.
Just read our reviews below, they are straight from the heart of our past clients.

5.) How long is a typical appointment?
Most appointments last about 1 hour but we allow for 2 hours.
Time goes fast, we have fun and there are a lot of details to coordinate.
We streamline this process and make it very efficient.
Most of the time in the appointment is spent just going through the examples and picking out what you both like.

6.) What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?
Just the details of your event. We have everything else you would ever need.

7.) Are the presses on site?
No, we do not carry the inventory nor the equipment for wedding ensembles.
This keeps your costs substantially low.
We work with high quality print houses and we guarantee all results.
You never have to accept anything you are not happy with but then again,
the end result is always what you expect because you have already
chosen the papers, the process, the inks, etc.

Please know, we do have high quality printers on site which allow us to
provide you with digital calligraphy for your envelopes, programs, place cards,
menus, signage, etc. When you browse our printed samples you will see that we
create A LOT in house and all of it is high quality.

8.) What can I expect at my appointment?
Expect to be relaxed, to know that you are dealing with an expert.
Our goal is to make this easy for you. You sit back and let us handle all the details.
There is not an extra cost for us to help you. It is all part of working with
Invitations Etc. We know what we are doing and it will show.

9.) I want to bring my entire family to the appointment, do you have room?
Our studio is an intimate setting and we can accommodate 3 people easily at your
appointment in our 800 square foot location. We do not have a facility that can accommodate children
and for your sake, so you can concentrate, we do recommend you make this an adult only appointment.
We have children ourselves, and love kids but we know first hand from 10 years experience with
over 900 appointments...children do not have the patience for an invitation appointment.

10.) Why shouldn't I just order online with an internet company?
Feel free to do so after you check us out. You won't hurt our feelings.
You won't know the types of paper they use, the print processes they utilize,
and YOU are the quality control. So after you get your order, it could be messed up.
Working with us, the end product has been checked. It is perfect and if you find
something we missed, consider it done and we will have the fix to you faster than you
can say...Invitations Etc.

11.) What kind of papers and print processes do you offer?
We have it all. Thermography (raised print), foil press, letterpress, digital, embossing, and engraving.
We offer shimmer papers, cotton, matte stocks, in multiple shades.
We have pockets in book fold, classic and the front/back pockets all in multiple colors.
Don't want a pocket but want to dress it up, choose a backer to give it a layered look.

We have so many more options so this is why...you need to book your appointment now!

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